Monday, June 28, 2010

the team

here's our team! this picture was taken june 28th, our second day together in LA spent in preparation for our trip to india! The LORD has hand-picked each of us so perfectly from all over the country. And the way our gifts and passions work together in an effort to glorify our God is simply beautiful. We cannot wait to see what the LORD has in store for us this summer! Please keep us in your prayers!

Drew Gehrke (Florida), Jean Johnston (Colorado), Daniela Sanchez (California), Megen Bristow (California), Naomi Jaramillo (New Mexico), Victoria Melendez (Florida), Tom Norris (California), Candice Reddy (Minnesota), David Shin (California), Tiffany Nickles (California), Peter Yunho Chung (California), Wade Norman Jr. (Illinios), Donna Perkins (California)

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  1. I really really like how diverse you guys are. Prayers and love are going with you all!