Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello all,
We are only two days away from our flight to India, and already we are seeing the LORD's faithfulness in His provision for us as a team! As of last night, we were still in need of $2500 in order to fulfill our financial commitment for the trip. So today, we spent some time in prayer asking the LORD to provide, fully trusting that if he put this specific calling on our hearts for India that he would get us there...all in His will. After our time in prayer, we each made a commitment to call three people and see if any one would be willing to support us so that we could reach our final goal. Throughout the day, support began pouring in from all team members, even those who were already fully supported! We even had one donation of $1500! The LORD has truly been good to us, providing in His perfect timing and never ceasing to amaze us with His faithfulness!

We are so amazed by His love for us. Knowing our needs before we even ask and desiring to fulfill them. Yet His timing is so perfect, for in our waiting we become completely dependent on HIM. We are so thankful to serve such a good and loving God.


Also, we wanted to all send our love to Sam. We're so sad that you couldn't be here with us, and we are definitely thinking about you and praying for you! Be encouraged that the LORD doesn't need you in India to impact the Kingdom, and He's got great plans for you back home! We're so excited for you and for the plans that the LORD has for YOU over the summer! Please keep us updated on how you're doing and how the LORD is using you! We love you!

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