Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teen Workers Training Retreat

Tom and I (Donna), along with Peter Wiig (all pictured above) have stayed behind this week in Hyderabad to prepare lessons for the Teen Workers Training Retreat we're doing this Thursday-Saturday. Here's Life Inner City is partnering with India Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade and Shining Stars to train 30-40 people working with youth. This is an exciting training for me because this will be the inaugural training using training curriculum that Here's Life Inner City's Youth development department has been developing over the past 3 years. This is my first editing project ever! Please pray for:

  • Pray for God to bring the people he wants there for the training. We are expecting between 30-40 people there which would be fantastic!
  • Pray for Donna, Tom, Peter Wiig, Megen, and Jean as they teach/lead the various seminars.
  • Pray for the participants to be blessed and encouraged by the training and that they would apply the lessons learned to their various teen ministries throughout the city of Hyderabad.

Thank you for your prayers!!


  1. I know this will be a wonderful time of interaction, joy, worship, and teaching! I pray you continue to follow the HS lead. Great job!

  2. Donna,

    I am so excited about your project! I have had a burden for India for some time now! I wish I could be there too! I will be praying for the training time. Tell Peter I said hi!